Why use us?

We aim to build and maintain genuine relationships with clients and be professional and approachable.  We are cost effective and offer flexible appointments in the office, at your home, on the telephone or with on-line video-conferencing.

Our expertise

Our senior probate specialist is a solicitor who has over 25 years’ experience in advising on the administration of estates and acting for executors and administrators.  He has dealt with estates which are insolvent, where families have fallen out, have foreign elements and which have complicated business arrangements to resolve.    

Our costs

Grant only

Obtaining the Grant of Representation based on information provided by the client, who then deals with the administration of the estate.

The following services will be provided by us:

• Receive and review the death certificate and any will

• Receive and review our completed questionnaire related to assets and liabilities

• Calculation of the gross and net estate

• Calculation of any inheritance tax (“IHT”) due

• Preparation of Inland Revenue accounts

• Application to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Representation

• Dealing with any queries from the Probate Registry

• Advice on searching for lost assets and statutory advertisements to protect the executors

• Receiving the Grant of Representation

Estimated timescales

We would expect to be able to draft the papers leading to a grant of representation within 2 working days of receipt of the fully-completed questionnaire from you. Once the application has been sent to the Probate Registry, the grant is issued generally within 8 weeks.

Full Administration

Dealing with entire estate (obtaining Grant, collecting in assets and distributing to beneficiaries).

This service will include:

• Obtaining original will, review, interpretation – otherwise explaining intestacy rules and application to the circumstances

• Correspondence with all parties & all Executors/Trustees

• Dealing and working with Valuations

• Liaison with any foreign probate practitioner & equivalent IHT matters

• IHT Forms and Supplementary Forms & Submission to HMRC

• Preparing the Application and Legal Statement for Grant of Representation; Additional minor matters

Not included:

• Additional major assets or additional issues arising from Will/Codicils

• Any set up work required for any Trust in the Will or otherwise

• Any Trust Matters

• Any variations of the Will/Intestacy by beneficiaries

• Any other tax advice other than IHT tax returns

Additional costs not related to the administration of the estate:

Sales of property will incur additional fees and a quote can be provided by our conveyancing department. If we are executors or co-executors under a Will, we are responsible for marketing and selling the property and agreeing the sale price. The above fee scale may be subject to amendment in respect of estates where we are appointed as Executors in the Will.

Transfers of property (into the names of beneficiaries for example) will incur additional fees for which a quote can be provided should this be required.

Our Fees

Grant only:

£1,140 inc VAT for an excepted estate

£2400 inc VAT for a non-excepted estate

An “excepted” estate is one where a full inheritance tax account is not required. There are three types of excepted estate:

• Low value estates – Where the estate’s gross value (including the deceased’s share of any jointly owned assets) does not exceed the nil rate band for inheritance tax, currently £325,000

• Exempt estates – Where the estate’s gross value does not exceed £1,000,000 but there is no liability to inheritance tax due to the spouse, civil partner or charity exemption

• Not domiciled in the UK – Where the deceased died on or after 6 April 2002 and had never been deemed to be domiciled in the UK and the value of the estate met other criteria

Hourly rates will apply for additional work, including where:

• We have not received full information from you

• An executor(s) is renouncing

• Power is reserved to an executor(s)

• An attorney is being appointed for an executor(s)

Full administration:

1.5% of the value of the estate

Subject to a minimum charge of £3,480 inc VAT

Estimated disbursements

For all services will include:

• Probate application fee of £273 plus £1.50 for every additional sealed copy of the Grant

Hourly charges:

David Roper £261 + VAT


Instruction Questionnaire (download)