Covid-19 Contingency Planning

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We would like to reassure our clients and contacts that we have implemented a range of measures to ensure that our services will not be seriously interrupted in the event of a significant Covid-19 outbreak.


A majority of our staff shall be able to work remotely in the event of self-isolation and/or an outbreak at any of our offices.


As a precaution we have advised our staff not to shake hands with visitors. This is not meant to cause any offence but is aimed at avoiding any further spread of the virus.


We would also ask all visitors to ensure that they either wash their hands or make full use of the sanitisers available in all of the meeting rooms prior to contact with our staff.


Our aim is to continue working as usual.  We hope that this communication will give our clients and contacts peace of mind in this regard.


Should you have any questions or concerns about this communication or our contingency plans, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Bill Dhariwal, Managing Director, by e-mail to: