Our fees made clear.

Probate Standard Fees

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How much Will Probate Cost?
We understand that you will want to know how much our probate services cost before you choose to instruct us. We aim to achieve transparency by providing all inclusive fixed prices for our probate services rather than charging hourly rates or complex percentage rates. For more information on our services or to arrange an appointment please call us on 01489 864100.

Bronze Service
Obtaining the Grant of Representation based on information provided by you – you then deal with the rest of the administration - £550 (excepted estates) £850 (non-excepted estates)*

This is a fixed-fee basic package. We make an application for the Grant of Representation – called Probate if there is a will, Letters of Administration, if not - based on information you supply, freeing you to deal with the rest of the administration. You will receive the following services:
• Receive and review the death certificate and any Will
• Receive and review our completed fact find related to assets and liabilities
• Calculation of the gross and net estate
• Calculation of any inheritance tax (“IHT”) due
• Preparation of Inland Revenue accounts
• Application to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Representation
• Dealing with any queries from the Probate Registry
• Advice on searching for lost assets and statutory advertisements to protect the executors
• Receiving the Grant of Representation

*An “excepted” estate is one where a full inheritance tax account is not required. There are three types of excepted estate:
• Low value estates – Where the estate’s gross value (including the deceased’s share of any jointly owned assets) does not exceed the nil rate band for inheritance tax, currently £325,000.
• Exempt estates – Where the estate’s gross value does not exceed £1,000,000 but there is no liability to inheritance tax due to the spouse, civil partner or charity exemption.
• Not domiciled in the UK – Where the deceased died on or after 6 April 2002 and had never been deemed to be domiciled in the UK and the value of the estate met other criteria.

Silver Service
This is as the Bronze Service, but in addition we will offer you telephone support during the administration.
• £700 (excepted estates)
• £1100 (non-excepted estates)

Estimated timescales
We would expect to be able to draft the papers leading to a grant of representation within 2 working days of receipt of the fully-completed fact find from you. Once the application has been sent to the Probate Registry, the grant is usually issued within 14 days, although this can be longer.

Gold Service

Dealing with entire estate (obtaining Grant, collecting in assets and distributing to beneficiaries)
• Review of death certificate, will and completed fact find £150
• Bank Accounts (per bank) £250
• Premium Bonds £250
• Properties in England & Wales £450
• Other Investments (per company) £250
• Life Policies £350
• Pensions £350
• Annuities etc. £250
• Gifts or transfer at an undervalue within the last 7 years £250
• Foreign Assets (per country) £300
• Issues relating to transfers of nil rate band £250
• Income Tax Return £200
• Household Creditors £150
• Non-Household Creditors £300 (or hourly charge)
• Distribution to Beneficiaries (per beneficiary) £150

*The figures quoted are in £ sterling and total legal fees are subject to a minimum of £950 (excepted estates) or £1,500 (non-excepted estates) plus VAT or the sum of the items within the estate.

Hourly charges
David Roper £217

Included in the above fees
Obtaining original will, review,interpretation – otherwise explaining intestacy rules and application to the circumstances;Correspondence with all of the above parties & all Executors/Trustees; Dealing and working with Valuations; Liaison with any foreign probate practitioner& equivalent IHT matters; IHT Forms and Supplementary Forms &Submission to HMRC; Preparing the Statement of Truth for Grant of Probate; Additional minor matters.

Not included in the above fees
VAT on the fees above
• Additional major assets or additional issues arising from Will/Codicils
• Any set up work required for any Trust in the Will or otherwise
• Any Trust Matters
• Any Variations of the Will/Intestacy by beneficiaries
• Any other tax advice other than IHT
• Tax returns

Additional costs not related to the administration of the estate: Sales of property will incur additional fees and a quote can be provided by our conveyancing department. If we are executors or co-executors under a Will, we are responsible for marketing and selling the property and agreeing the sale price. The above fee scale may be subject to amendment in respect of estates where we are appointed as Executors in the Will.

Transfers of property
 (into the names of beneficiaries for example) will incur additional fees for which a quote can be provided should this be required. The prices shown are those quoted as standard but may be subject to amendment in the event that the estate complexity and/or client instruction requires. Price amendments will be disclosed to clients beforehand.

Estimated timescales
The “Probate” procedure involves obtaining values of assets, taking from this any debts owed by the deceased and then sending an affidavit and details of the value of the estate to the Probate Registry.

The time involved largely depends on what is in the estate and therefore the wider the range of the types of assets that are in an estate, the longer it could take. There will be a number of organisations involved which can add to the time taken. If inheritance tax has to be paid, the values of the assets in an estate may have to be agreed with the inland revenue and this could take further time.

On average, estates are dealt with within 5-6 months. Usually, obtaining the necessary information to apply for the Grant of Probate takes 4-5 weeks; applying for and receiving the grant takes 2-3 weeks. The collecting in of assets will then commence which takes 4-6 weeks.Once all the assets have been collected, we will finalise the estate accounts and distribute the assets amongst the beneficiaries, this takes around 4 weeks.

This timescale is on the basis that;
• If there is a property to sell, the sale runs in tandem with the administration of the estate;
• There is no requirement to correspond with HMRC other than to receive confirmation that there isn’t any requirement to submit an income tax return;
• The third parties with whom the deceased dealt, correspond within a reasonable time frame.

Estimated disbursements for all services will include:
• Commissioner’s fee of £5 for each oath taken and £2 for each exhibit – so for one executor with a will that would be £7, or £14 for two executors
• Probate application fee of £155 plus £1.50 for every additional sealed copy of the Grant