Our fees made clear.

Family Standard Fees

Please telephone us on 01489 864 100 or email Advice@lawcomm.co.uk for a confidential chat regarding an estimate
Our charges are based on a number of different factors, such as:
• The time spent on your matter;
• The skills, specialised knowledge and responsibility required of the members of the firm handling the matter;
• The complexities and difficulty or novelty of your matter;
• The circumstances in which the business involved is transacted (for instance if, due to the urgency,evening or weekend work is required or if an unusually large amount of documentation needs to be considered).

The most important of these factors is the amount of time spent by members of the firm in dealing with your case. We have a computer-based time recording system on which each member of the firm records the time spent on your case. Each individual has an hourly charge-out rate based on an hour of their time. The charge-out rates applicable to your matter are:
• Sarah Lightfoot-Webber - £161.00 per hour plus VAT

Work undertaken on a time basis includes, but is not limited to:
• Reading incoming post and/or emails;
• Writing or dictating outgoing letters and/or emails;
• All telephone calls;
• Meetings with you, your opponent and/or their legal representatives, and/or third parties;
• Preparing file notes of meetings, telephone calls and as otherwise required;
• Considering and/or drafting documents;
• Considering and/or reviewing your file;
• Preparing instructions and briefs to barristers;
• Attending Court and/or conferences with barristers;
• Researching law and/or practice where necessary.

Please Note: In the event a Fixed Fee exceeds the agreed cost by three(for example if the agreed fee is £500.00 but the timed cost is £1,500.00) due to excessive emails, telephone calls or other communications, we reserve the right to invoice you for the full amount of timed costs. 

Petitioner Fixed Fee:
£650.00 plus VAT of £130.00, totalling £780.00
plus the Court issue fee of £550.00

Respondent Fixed Fee:
£450.00 plus VAT of £90.00, totalling £540.00


Stage 1
Mediation and subsequent preparation of Consent Order
£650.00 + VAT fixed fee PLUS£50.00 Court fee

Stage 2
Negotiations via solicitors and Form E or Arbitration
£1,000.00 - £3,500 + VAT PLUS£50.00 Court fee for Consent Order

Stage 3
Protracted negotiations via solicitors and Form E or Arbitration or Financial Remedy Proceedings up to and including the First Appointment
£3,500.00-£5,000.00 + VAT PLUS the relevant Arbitration or Court fee

Stage 4
Financial Remedy Proceedings up to and including the Final Hearing
£5,000.00 - £20,000.00 + VAT


Stage 1
(Mediation) and subsequent advice upon any agreement reached and drafting a Child Arrangements Programme
£650.00 + VAT

Stage 2
Negotiations between parties
£1,000.00 - £3,500 + VAT

Stage 3
Protracted negotiations between parties/Arbitration/Court proceedings up to and including the First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment
£3,500.00-£5,000.00 + VAT

Stage 4
Court Proceedings up to and including Final Hearing
£5,000.00 - £15,000.00 + VAT