Conveyancing Additional Fees

Bespoke Solicitor Service

Our Estimate of fees is aimed to be competitive and is based upon a standard transaction being conducted within a reasonable timescale. Should your matter become complex, high value, require personal attention from an experienced property lawyer, dealings with an unrepresented party, requires face to face meetings, or should you wish to utilise this service, please advise us
Approximately £350 - £450

Expedition Fee

Applicable only when we are are required to expedite your matter before other more standard transactions including completing within 7 days of exchange, dealing with a contract race, dealing with daily communication requests, simultaneous exchange & completion, or completing a matter within 21 days of receiving a suitable contract package.
Approximately £195

Deed of Covenant, Licence to Occupy, Licence to Assign, Notices to Complete and Undertakings

In the event of a late completion and/or Notice to Complete being served.
Approximately £195 (unless an hourly rate is advised)

Drafting of Assured Short hold Tenancy and Powers of Attorney

Our drafting costs for these documents, should they be required.
Approximately £195

Declaration of Trust

Our drafting costs, should this document be required.
Approximately £250 - £500

New-Build Plots, Part Exchanges, Commercial, Buy-to-Let, Land Purchases, Auctions, Repossessions, Shared Ownership & Equity Release

Applicable only when dealing with any of the above transaction types (cost plus Land Registry fee & SDLT).
Approximately £350 - 450

Assignment and Re-assignment of Life Policies

Applicable when you instruct us to undetake this work. We do not automatically assign or re-assign life policies as part of our standard process.
Approximately (per policy) £95 plus VAT

Removal of second & subsequent Charges and unsecured Loans/Credit cards

Applicable only when we are required to deal with the payment of additional charges and unsecured debts, excluding the transfer of charges, such as Legal Aid charges or dealing with charging orders which shall be additional work.
Approximately £75 (per charge, plus expenses)

First Registration

Applicable only when your property requires registration for the first time at Land Registry or where you wish to merge the Freehold and the Leasehold Title.
Approximately £150 (plus additional Land Registry fee)

Deed of Postponement

Applicable when arranging for a second or subsequent loan to remain on your property deeds.
Approximately £195 (plus expenses)

Transfer of Equity

Applicable when transferring names on or off the property deeds.
Approximately £250 plus VAT (plus Land Registry fee and SDLT)

Leasehold charges

The expenses charge by Management companies, freeholders and others in respect of the acquisition of management information, share certificate, notice of charge, engrossment fees, compliance certificates and other similar charges.
Approximately £50 - £250

Mining / Additional searches and title / building insurance

Applicable if your transaction involves property within an existing or past mining area or other searches are required, such as flood or planning reports.
Approximately £50 (per search or policy)

Same-day bank Transfer Administration Fee

Applicable if additional same-day bank transfers are required.
Approximately £30 (per additional transfer)

Acting for Lender Fee

These are the costs involved in dealing with your new mortgage lenders requirements and/or discharging an existing mortgage. These costs will increase if your lender is not mainstream or you are obtaining bridging finance. The cost excludes complying with special conditions in your mortgage offer which shall be charged as additional work.
Approximately £150

Leasehold Fee

These are the costs involved where your transaction involves leasehold property excluding any additional fees and expenses for dealing with improvement notices, deeds of covenant, notice of transfer, compliance and management charges.

Approximately £150
A separate estimate of costs shall be required for lease extensions, semic charge disputes, and deeds of variations


Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is payable to the Government if purchasing a property valued above certain thresholds. SDLT is a tax on transactions, not documents. When you buy a property or land, you must complete a Land Transaction Return (SDLT1) and send it to HMRC. Legally, you are responsible for the information submitted. Unless you are exempt or advise us to the contrary, we shall complete this on your behalf and this is our cost associated with providing this service.  Should you wish to complete the form to save this cost, please provide us with your mortgage lender’s consent.
Approximately £95

Lender Portal Fee

Any fees that may be required as a result of your mortgage lender requiring us to update and/or access documents from a fee charging portal.
Approximately £95 plus VAT

Gifted Deposit Fee

If you are obtaining a gift from a family member for your deposit, this will incur additional legal work on top of our standard charges.
Approximately £95 plus VAT