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Thu 24th April, 2014


Lawcomm Solicitors

Lawcomm Solicitors specialise in the provision of direct legal services on a nationwide basis to individual and business clients.

Features Include:

  • Competitive fixed fees
  • Efficient service standards (92% client satisfaction rating based upon past performance)
  • Friendly straightforward advice in plain English
  • Extended opening hours
  • ISO9000 registered
  • No need to visit our offices
  • On-line Lawcommunicator, access to your file, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the Internet
  • SMS updates
  • Established since 1999

Latest News

24th October 2013 

Commercial Property - Should I buy?

read this article With the commercial property market showing signs of improvement, many are investing in business premises and taking full advantage of the income returns on offer.

Experts say the trend has been inspired by the UK's recent economic upturn. Capital values rose 0.4% in the second quarter of this year, putting an end to an 18 month decline. The UK's GDP rose 0.6% in the same quarter and in July the services sector grew at the fastest rate for more than six years.

Greg Mansell, head of applied research....

13th September 2013 

I'm worried about my loved one's will- what do I do?

read this article To be valid in the eyes of the law, a Last Will and Testament must be created by someone who is in sound mind and who is aware of the contents of the document. The testator (the person making the Will) must not be under duress, and it must be signed and witnessed.

If a Will fails to meet these stipulations....

20th August 2013 

Interest Rate Swap Agreements - Have you been mis-sold?

read this article Interest Rate Swap Agreements (IRSA) were sold to businesses with the aim of mitigating against fluctuations in interest rates.

They were often sold by banks with reference to a cap, essentially fixing the customers interest rate at a particular level to ensure that they would not pay huge amounts in interest if the interest rate increased.

An alternative product imposed a limit of the applicable interest rate to a specified range between the cap and a lower rate known as the floor...

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