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Will Writing and Review

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A Will is a formal legal document which deals with what happens to your assets after your death.

Why a Will is Important

If you die without a Will then your assets are distributed under the intestacy rules and your estate may not necessarily go to whom you expect.  This can be devastating if, for example, you are not married as your partner has no automatic entitlement to your estate even if you have been together for many years.

What does a Will Include

We are able to prepare a bespoke Will to meet your requirements, we can also prepare specialist Wills, including where there are very young, vulnerable or disabled family members who will require particular assistance in the future; those in second marriages with more than one family to consider; for unmarried couples who own property jointly, and for those who run a business which cannot be split or sold.  Additionally, your Will can be used for mitigating inheritance tax.

Getting a Solicitor to Write Your Will

Using a solicitor to prepare your Will is no more expensive than most Will-writing companies. We have the all-round legal experience to be able to warn you of other issues you may need to think about and be able to help you with them.  If you are dis-satisfied in any way only solicitors who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, professionally insured and, along with other legal professionals such as barristers, our service is backed by the Legal Ombudsman.

Our Fees (including VAT)

Single - £200.00

Double - £340.00

Asset Protection (single) - £300.00

Asset Protection (double) - £500.00

Declaration of Trust - £300.00

Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA") - £237.00 per LPA (plus the Office of the Public Guardian’s registration fee of £82.00 per LPA)


Will Questionnaire (Instruct Us!)

Guide to Making a Will

Guide to Asset Protection

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