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Trusts - Plan for Life

A 'Plan for Life' Trust

Our Plan for Life Discretionary Trusts are one of the most effective estate planning tools available.  They can ensure your children’s inheritance is fully preserved, make sure that any ex-spouses do not profit from your estate when you eventually pass away and look after disabled or vulnerable beneficiaries.   They can also ensure that your family have no legal bills to pay upon your death as all assets held within the Trust avoid probate fees.

Why is a Trust useful?

You cannot predict the future.  Your Will cannot cope with every eventuality.  Step-children can be disinherited, a sudden inheritance can cause additional problems for children who are divorcing or failing in business.  People you have helped in the past might come forward and try to claim against your estate.

By putting your assets in a Plan for Life Discretionary Trust you allow your Trustees to make whatever decision is appropriate at the time.  You can ring-fence assets to protect them and your Trustees can decide when and in what circumstances to release your assets to your beneficiaries.