David Roper

Director & Head of Private Client (COLP)

Areas of Practice:

My main areas of practice are wills, trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and probate. I also give technical support to the conveyancing department. 

I am the firm’s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice and undertake management and business development duties for the firm.

Recent Work:

I have been working in this area of law since the 1990’s on the South Coast and in London.

I have drafted a wills for a range of clients from a well-known author to business people to families with disabled children to people with foreign assets. And ordinary families. I have worked in law for a sufficiently long period of time to recognise where they may be issues going forward in particular family circumstances, and can make sure wills I draft do as much as possible to stop those issues becoming problems.

I have dealt with estates of all sizes with assets in this country and abroad, where they have been straightforward or problematic. A small estate does not automatically mean that there will not be problems, and also the other way around! What people own and the way they work is changing, and I am pleased to be able to say that we can deal with digital assets and advise executors accordingly.

In conveyancing and land law, I have helped clients in dealing with the registration of land where the title deeds are missing,where there have been boundary queries and problems with leases.


LL.B Hons; solicitor

Outside Interests:

I have been a junior school governor for a Portsmouth school since 2009. Most of my time outside of work is absorbed by my family, camping local history and live music.