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Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions of your life and will most likely be the biggest financial commitment you will ever make.

If you are a first time buyer, the process of purchasing a property can be somewhat daunting. You can often feel as though you are vulnerable due to lack of experience and confused by how a purchase transaction takes place. This feeling is also applicable to those who have already been in a position to buy and are looking for their next property. It can be a stressful time, however, it can also be an exciting time.

We would like to help put your mind to rest at this crucial step towards your future and provide you with the support, advice and understanding that will make buying your new property simple and with peace of mind.

Whether you are buying a Freehold or Leasehold residential property, our team of experts are here to guide you through efficiently and smoothly. Your questions answered, your mind at ease and your new home purchase completed stress free.


You have decided that it is the right time to sell your property.

Perhaps you are looking for something a little bigger for a growing family, or maybe you have reached a time in your life where downsizing feels like the right thing to do? There may be the emotional situation of selling in the event of death of a loved one.

Whatever your circumstances, selling your property is a decision that is not taken lightly and can be an emotional and stressful time as well as exhilarating.

If you are a first time seller, you may not be aware of the process of the transaction. How is your existing mortgage redeemed? If you are purchasing a new property, how does everything fit together to make the transaction move forward and in syncronisation with buying your new home?

Our team of experts are here to understand the situation and requirements of each of our clients. We are here to provide you with direction and guidance and keep you updated with the status of your transaction. We are here to communicate not only with you as our client, but also with Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders and Brokers and the Solicitors acting for your related vendor or purchaser.


Is it time to change your lender to receive a better deal on your existing mortgage product? Perhaps you are looking to refinance your property?

Remortgaging can come at a time of necessity, or a time of choice. You may have opted to release some of the equity that is tied up in your property to enable you to improve your existing home with an extension or essential, yet costly repair work. In some cases, you may find yourself in times of financial hardship where a cash flow boost could be the answer to your problems and this could be obtained by the investment you have already made into your property.

Perhaps when you took out your original mortgage, you were impacted by a higher rate of interest than what is now currently available to you and it makes financial sense to receive a better percentage rate.

If you are looking to remortgage your property to assist you in achieving a better financial position you will need a little assistance. When it comes to refinancing your property your new lender will require a professional legal firm to act on their behalf as well as yours. Making sure that your existing mortgage is redeemed in full and your new lender's interest is secured to the property title.

Our team of experts are here to help this transaction run quickly and smoothly and have your new mortgage in effect in no time.

New Build

If you are purchasing a new build property there can be a few extra complexities in the transaction.

The obvious difference when purchasing this type of property is that it may not yet exist. You have visited the showroom of a new development and decided that a brand new home is exactly what you are looking for. It's an exciting time, but can also be a frustrating and stressful time. There are timescales that can incorporate quick deadlines for exchange of contracts, however, your property may not complete for some time after the exchange has taken place. You will be on notice to complete, which can often leave you a little unsettled as to when your actual 'moving date' will be.

Our team of new build experts, know the challenges that are faced in this type of property transaction and are able to understand development site issues and provide you with reassurance and updates throughout.

We want to make sure that the purchase of your brand new property is a pleasure, and that the time spent watching the bricks and mortar turn into your home are memorable from start to finish.

Help to Buy

Are you making your first step onto the property ladder through the Help to Buy Scheme?

With the economic climate that we have all been experiencing over the past decade, many first time buyers have found it somewhat difficult to be able to take their first step to becoming a home owner. Therefore, opting for assistance via the Help to Buy Scheme has enabled many people with limited deposit funds to get themselves on the first rung of the property ladder and a brand new home to feel excited about.

Whether you are opting for a Help to Buy Shared Ownership or Equity Loan or have invested in a Help to Buy ISA, our team of experts are here to guide you through the process of the transaction.

Shared Ownership

Are you purchasing your home through an affordable home ownership scheme?

Purchasing a property via the shared ownership option, means that you'll be buying your share of a property with the assistance of a mortgage and along side that, paying a rent to the housing association. It's another great way of getting on the property ladder and as with all first time buying, for some can be a little confusing.

Just as we help our clients with all nature of property transactions, our team of experts are here to guide first time buyers through the process, step by step.


What is the difference when you buy or sell a leasehold property?

There are many questions surrounding leasehold tenure, that for many of our clients can cause an element of confusion. 

It is often presumed that most flats are leasehold, however, there are houses that fall under this tenure too.  Shared Ownership properties will always be leasehold and therefore a little more complex.

This is where our team of experts are here to help things become clearer, so that buying or selling a leasehold property can be achieved in confidence.

Buy to Let

Are you looking at purchasing a property for rental purposes?

Property is a great investment, especially when it comes to generating a monthly income. If you have found a suitable property to purchase partnered with the right mortgage product you could find yourself with a favourable rental yield.

Whether you are an experienced landlord adding to your portfolio of existing rental properties, or this is the first time you will be making a Buy to Let investment, our team of experts are here to assist you with the legal transaction of your property purchase.

As with any purchase requiring the assistance of a mortgage, we are here to act on not only the behalf of you as our client, but also in the interests of the lender. Keeping all parties informed and updated throughout the process.

Transfer of Equity

Do you need to add or remove a proprietor to your property title?

If you are looking to add or remove an individual from the Title Deeds to your property, then we can assist in making the transfer quick, easy and stress free.

There are occasions when the registered owner(s) require for an additional person to be added to or removed from the legal ownership of the property. This may be due to an individual adding a wife or husband, or it could also be that a parent would like to register a son or daughter. Often there are separation cases where a married couple no longer wish to live together and the title needs to transfer to one party. In most events, this will involve a change to the Mortgage Deed, which will mean that the lender concerned will require a legal representative to act on their behalf.

A transfer of equity can be a simple process, however, it can also have complications. There may be monetary consideration to be applied for example.

Our team of experts are here to make the transition of ownership run smoothly, and the interests of all parties to the transfer registered and updated with the Land Registry as soon as possible.