Sale and purchase of commercial property and attending to compliance.

Acquisition and Disposal of Commercial Property

Sale & Purchase of Property by Companies, Partnerships and Individuals

The buying and selling of commercial property can be a complex process. Our commercial department has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with commercial property transactions and can provide advice and assistance across a range of transactions, from individual unit sales to large scale land purchases. 

When buying or selling commercial property certain formalities and requirements have to be undertaken. We can advise clients on their specific rights and obligations based on their legal status, whether that be a limited company, partnership or individual. 

Our bespoke service ensures that our clients are provided with advice and options to suit their requirements. We deal with all legal and regulatory formalities required during the particular transaction.

Assisting with financial issues

We can provide guidance and administrative support for clients who require financing when purchasing property, including corresponding with your lender and dealing with their requirements. In relation to commercial property disposals, we will liaise with existing lenders to redeem any secured loans at completion.

Refinancing Existing Portfolio

Our services include advising clients on the financial set up of their property portfolios. They may be looking to raise capital by obtaining finance which is to be secured against multiple properties within their portfolio. 

We can liaise directly with a lender or their representatives to satisfy their requirements and secure the funds. Our work extends to dealing with registration of the new loan against the specified properties, ensuring that all existing loans are paid off on completion and dealing with Companies House formalities. 

Bridging Finance on Short Term Deals

Bridging loans are often used to finance new build projects, fund property auction purchases or simply provide a short term cash flow boost. We understand that there is often an urgency to obtain these loans to prevent additional liability or the loss of lucrative project. 

We ensure that our professional service is balanced with clear advice on your liability under a short term bridging loan which is often high interest and contains additional administrative expenses.

Land Acquisitions for Development

We have experience in advising large and small scale developers in the purchase of areas of land for development. We can provide guidance on any potential restrictions burdening the land, rights over the land and overage agreements, amongst other things.

Advising Companies, Partnerships and Individuals

When purchasing or selling commercial property certain formalities and requirements have to be undertaken. We can advise all clients on their specific rights and obligations based on their legal status. 

Our bespoke service ensures that options are provided to our clients to suit their individual requirements as well as dealing with all regulatory formalities required as part of the particular transaction.

Advising and Assisting with the Land Registry, HMRC & Companies House

Following the completion of any commercial acquisitions there is often a requirement to register the transaction with the Land Registry, submit and Stamp Duty Land Tax Return and provide certain documentation to Companies House. These regulatory requirements are essential to any transaction and if handled incorrectly can lead to severe financial penalties. 

We undertake these regulatory submissions as part of our service ensuring that our clients do not have to concern themselves with these formalities. We advise on the requirements and costs associated with these submissions at the outset of the transaction so clients are fully informed.

Case Study:

Successful acquisition and development of public house for residential housing.

Acquiring a local public house for a developer client with a view to converting into houses and further development on the adjoining land. The client was introduced by this firm to the selling agent and his bid accepted upon the basis that the matter would proceed swiftly. Nevertheless, there were long negotiations with the public house company but, contracts were eventually exchanged within the time-frame. Immediately prior to completion a notice was served showing an application to register the property as an Asset of Community Value with potential disastrous consequences for the client. That application was successfully defeated following submissions by the firm, despite advice from various “expert” quarters that such applications rarely succeed. As a consequence, the client was able to proceed with his works and enter the properties onto the market in good time in order to comply with his business plan.

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